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              Success In The US Marketplace
SDG America, LLC is a business advisory firm located in the Washington, DC area, and operating nationwide.  We provide 'hands-on' operating guidance to US and international firms who are seeking success in the US commercial and federal government marketplace (start-ups through mid-market scale-ups). 
We work in the background, alongside a firm's existing management team to help structure and implement a US Business, Sales, Marketing, and Operations Plan.  While we bring a strong Sales and Marketing focus, we help to keep P&L's balanced, and implement strategies that build for a successful, high-growth firm. 
We are easy to work with and offer deep US market insight gained from 30+ years of business experience.  If we can't help you, we will say so.  We won't waste your time or money.

The US marketplace is by far the largest on Earth.  For international firms who seek to build their business here, we provide trusted, hands-on advisory and native experience to navigate the complex US Commercial, Federal, State and local marketplace.

We engage outside "Subject-Matter-Experts" when the need arises, and our guidance will reduce your time to market with the goal of producing profits more quickly.

  • Business structure, location and legal set-up in the USA.

  • Commercial / Government strategy, sales, marketing, and operational plan preparation / implementation.

  • Sales representatives for your products or services in the US marketplace.

  • Organizational and Operational setup and management.

  • HR and Legal services through certified SME's.

  • Accounting & Finance services through certified SME's.

  • Strategic Partnerships & Alliances development.

  • Product Assembly, Warehousing, Shipping & Support logistics through certified SME's.

  • Fractional key management (CEO, CFO, COO, CRO, CMO, VP, Sales Mgr.).


We build long-term and trusted relationships with our clients.  Our goal is to stabilize your company in the US, develop your client base, and grow revenue and profits.  We are straight forward, trustworthy, no-nonsense, and ethical in all matters.  Additionally, our advisory is augmented through a deep network of highly skilled "Subject-Matter-Experts" (SME's), whom we engage to augment our efforts when appropriate. 



  • Build and position your firm for success in the USA.

  • Produce more top line revenue and bottom line profit.

  • Increase shareholder returns through increased Enterprise Valuation.

  • Bring effective decision making, and insure superior communications internally and externally.

  • To build cultural integration, and expert planning and execution of all services.

  • To oversee and guide managerial behaviors that reflect the integrity of your brand.

  • To help with the selection, staffing and growth of your US leadership team.

  James M. FitzGibbon
  Managing Partner
​​  703-362-1519