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We Guide US And International Startups To Success In The US Commercial And Federal Marketplace


SDG America, LLC is a mid-market business advisory firm, located in the Washington, DC area, and operating nationwide.  We provide 'hands-on' operating guidance to underperforming companies (including start-ups / scale-ups) owned by VCs, PEs and other investors.


We work alongside a firm's existing management team to discover and correct business issues.  We then help to  structure and implement a solid US Strategy, Sales, Marketing and Operational Plan.  We bring a strong Sales focus, and keep P&L's balanced, while implementing strategies that build for a successful, high-growth firm.  We engage "Subject-Matter-Experts" (SMEs) when the need arises, augmenting our advisory through a deep network of highly skilled people to support our efforts.


All SDG Associates bring deep US market insight gained from 30+ years of business experience.  If we can't help you, we will say so.  We won't waste your time and money.

Call us for an in-depth discussion of our methodology and success.


  James M. FitzGibbon
​​  703-362-1519

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