SDG America, LLC is a "business performance" consulting firm, located in Northern Virginia. 
We provide hands-on business guidance to domestic and off-shore firms seeking success in the US Commercial and Federal marketplace..
We work alongside a company’s existing C-Suite team to address performance by re-balancing P&L's, trimming operations, fixing organizational issues, igniting Sales and Marketing, and implement strategies that build a successful high-growth track.  Our goal is to increase profit, EBITDA and overall enterprise valuation.  

We are easy to work with and bring insight and perspective gained from 30 + years of business experience.  We are not afraid to make hard decisions, and we monitor and follow-through on every decision we make.  And...if we can't help you, we will say so.  We won't waste your time or money.

We are Advisors to:

>   Firms that are stable, but need to accelerate their growth and profit
>   Lower mid-market PE, VC, M&A and SPAC's who have firms in their portfolio holdings that are under-   
     performing and need attention
>   Buy/Sell firms who need to improve EBITDA & Multiple to improve selling value
>   Investors, Brokers, Banking and Law firm clients who need trusted hands-on guidance and perspective
     from 'inside' the company
>   Offshore firms that seek to expand to the US commercial and federal marketplace, and need a trusted
     team in the US to work with and guide activities
We have a process that works, with a focus on profit through revenue growth and operational excellence, including:

1.  Full time or Fractional C-Suite Leadership Roles (CEO / President / COO / CFO / CIO / CMO / SVP)
2.  Sales & Marketing (Manage Sales / Strategic Plan / Sales Plan / Marketing Plan)
3.  Operations / Organization (On Boarding / Change Management / Hire & Terminate)
4.  Accounting & Finance (CFO Services / Financial Plan / Capital Funding Sources)
5.  HR & Legal (Personnel / Payroll / Employee of Record / Compliance / Contracts)
6.  Federal Market Development (Capture Plan / B&P / GSA & Federal Sales Plan)
7.  Product Assembly / Warehousing / Delivery Logistics / Product Support Services
8.  Project Roll-Outs (Staffing / Local or Nationwide Projects)
9.  Source & Manage Strategic Alliances & Partnerships
10.  Subject Matter Experts In a Number of Disciplines
  • We work on-site and hands-on with a firm's existing management team, providing expert advisory to Sales, Marketing, Operations, HR/organization and Legal/Contracts
  • We review and re-author your firm's Sales / Marketing and Strategic company plans
  • We provide interim C-suite management
  • We provide for the hiring and management of Company personnel 
  • We provide for Assembly, Warehousing, Distribution, Logistics and Product Support
  • We build Marketing / Advertising / Social Media plans with implementation
  • We build strategic partnerships and develop Channel Alliances
  • We provide guidance in regard to Company funding